About Scapes

Scapes are the newest Garlic-holics love in cooking. The scapes are becoming incredibly popular in all fields of the culinary arts.  We cannot emphasize enough the delight that can be added to each of your dishes, as scapes can be used as a replacement for garlic in most recipes. You will also find that scapes are most delicious grilled and sauteed. Slice, dice, chop, sauteed or grilled, enjoy them!  If you are interested in purchasing scapes, please let us know and we will add them to our online store.

The photos above and below illustrate a garlic scape.  Scapes are the central flowering stalk produced from a hardneck garlic.  The texture somewhat resembles asparagus, with mild garlic flavor.  Scapes begin to grow or bolt from the garlic plant in the mid  to late spring.  Scapes first grow erect, then begin to coil, only to unwind and become erect again.  The reason for this coiling and uncoiling is long and involved, so we will skip it and move on!

The scape is removed from the plant when it is still coiled for two reasons, First, scapes become too woody if allowed to mature further making them less desirable.  Second, if left, the scape draws energy from the bulb resulting in smaller size.  Scapes are an added bonus as they are that first taste of garlic and a culinary treat.  Fresh scapes store quite well, lasting several weeks when stored in your refrigerator.