About Our Farm

Hello to you from Bair Organic, with best wishes for an awesome growing season!

Garlic Beds in January - Bair Organics

Garlic Beds in January

Bair Organics is located in the Klamath Basin of South-Central Oregon, nestled between Crater Lake and Mt. Shasta at an elevation of 4,099 feet.  All of our production seed garlic is grown on farm and hand selected in October for planting.  Taking root in the fall and wintering under a blanket of snow until rows of green shoots announce that spring has come!  We currently grow 1 acre producing 3,200 pounds of hard and soft neck premium certified organic garlic.

We believe our garlic is the most incredible garlic. People tell us, “your garlic is the best garlic I have ever had.”  We take extreme pride in that. Friends, family and most importantly our customers appreciate and delight in our garlic. Our garlic is not only beautiful, it has impact, and once you have tasted our garlic, you will agree.

Master Farmer John with Master Helper Aunt Helen

Master Farmer John with Master Helper Aunt Helen

We are biased, however our garlic speaks for itself. Bair Organic Garlic is unique, in so many ways, and once you have ordered and tried it, we are certain you will want to order it again. We always sell-out extremely early in the season to wholesalers, and are now offering something new. We are offering our story, our pictures and our products on this web site. Often garlic enthusiasts go through retailers to buy the garlic they love, and often it is not available year after year, even if they find a variety, grower and taste they love.  We at Bair Organic can change that for a select few of you.

One unique aspect of our farm is John Bair, our Master Grower and Owner.  He adds his cell phone number to the tags of his garlic. If you have any questions, want to express your thoughts or suggestions, or would like recommendations on John’s planting and growing/harvesting techniques, when you call Bair Organic, you go directly to John Bair.  If he’s not up to his elbows in dirt or manure,  he’ll answer your call personally. I know that seems small and trivial, however not many growers offer this type of friendly and open way of working with customers.

Harvesting Garlic

Harvesting Garlic by Hand

John likes to hear from you because we can also learn from you.  Where you live, what are your growing conditions, how did different varieties grow in your area?  These conversations help us to understand the growing challenges and successes from our customers, and provides the knowledge we can use to help others that live in different corners of this word to adjust planting times, growing inputs, and to help choose the best varieties for different growing conditions.  So contact John by phone or via our “Contact Us” page, whichever you prefer.

We are small family farm with a small farm mentality.  That is to say, we strive to do it right the first time because we cannot afford losses, or missteps and quality is our livelihood.  We maximize our soil health by using the minimum inputs necessary; water, organic manure, and certified organic mulch.  We are a by-hand operation and that requires a lot of hard work.

John in the Field

Checking the Plants

We were Certified Organic before Organic became a buzzword. We use some of the most respected farming practices, which have come from three generations of successful Bair family farming. Our planting beds are moved every year to ground that has not previously been in garlic production.  This practice reduces the risk of disease and nutrient depletion of the soil.  We produce garlic that is selected, planted, weeded, harvested, cleaned and prepared for market completely by hand.  This practice is both time and labor intensive on one hand, but also very satisfying.  We have worked out problems of the day, or come up with some great ideas while enjoying the quiet peace of tending the garden.  We think our plants enjoy our tender loving care and reward us with large, aromatic, crisp and very tasty bulbs!

John makes it sound easy, and to him it is easy, he is one of the finest growers you will ever come across, at least in Oregon. It is however a lot of work.

We hope you will call John and ask him for suggestions before you plant your seed.  He will walk you through the process so you too can become a successful organic grower. John is respected in the Klamath Basin for his abilities as a farmer and he is always excited to share his experiences and his love of farming to enthusiasts in the growing world.

A Big Thank you To Jerry, our site Manager and creator and our neighbor!   He has done such an incredible job of working with us to create the web site! Jerry builds sites for others through his company Global Creations, publishes The Mushroom Growers’ Newsletter and publishes EXPLORE! eMagazine for you explorers and adventurers.